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indyexploits replied to your link “Bravely Default’s 1M copies sold reveals why it has Square Enix reconsidering its Final Fantasy strategy”

To be fair, I think it also has to do with the fact that a lot of people have been starved for a good turn-based rpg, and this one turned out great with the added bonus of being portable!

Oh, I’m not downplaying the game at all. It’s excellent! What I’m saying is that online rants/forum posts/article writers are always on about how there’s a lack of innovation, no real creativity anymore, how this or that NEEDS to happen, etc. But when the rubber meets the road, any new game that is dissimilar to another game usually is lucky to sell fair. Gamers like comparisons, usually so they can seem cool and say they liked the older game better. The main reason BD did so well, besides being a great game AND from SE? It was a genre/gameplay people were familiar playing. “Innovation” within an established game type. 

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Bravely Default's 1M copies sold reveals why it has Square Enix reconsidering its Final Fantasy strategy

This just proves what I’ve always known. No matter how much gamers whine and cry about innovation and new directions etc., all they wanna buy is the same old thing.

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