Hi! You can call me Cal if you want. Just don't call me collect. xD I'd like to tell you what you can find on this blog, but honestly sometimes i don't even know. Mainly K-pop though. And gaming. LOTS of gaming. Even though I have a seperate gaming blog. lol Anyway...have fun and enjoy the free shrimp!
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[Previews] 140921 K-POP EXPO IN ASIA
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Greetings, Travelers!

I’m sorry I haven’t been on at all this last week. D: But I was and am still kinda dealing with

Some Rather Icky Stuff

Fortunately mine was caught early. Still haven’t eaten anything for 5 days now though. ;_;

I should be back by Monday!

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Turns out I wasn’t speaking into the mic. Here’s what I am supposed to do. I was doing the don’t.image

Anyway, I know I’m probably not the only one to do this wrong, so I’m posting this (thank you clothobuerocracy for sending me the diagram and telling me I was doing this wrong XD ) to help other people as well!

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